We want to reassure all our guests that once we reopen we will be doing everything possible to keep everyone safe. 

We already implement high cleaning and hygiene standards additional procedures have been implemented  in line with government guidance.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces with disposable cloths
  • Particular attention is being paid to frequently touched areas and surfaces, such as bathrooms, stair rails and door handles
  • Providing antiseptic hand wash and additional hand towels
  • All laundry is sent to a commercial laundry and washed at high temperatures 
  • We are asking all our guests to inform us if they become ill during or in the week following their stay 

Hot Tub use 

There is no evidence to suggest that COVID 19 can be transmitted through the use of hot tubs. Our hot tub is properly maintained, the tub emptied and the filters cleaned following each guest stay. We ask all guests to ensure they follow the correct written procedures for maintaining the water quality of the tub during their stay. 

 Many thanks for your continued support 

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